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Concert Reviews

I decided to get a concert review here it is.

Hey! I went to OBC4 (Our Big Concert 4) for the rock radio station (X 107.5 X-treme radio) here in Las Vegas. There was 14 bands and one of them was BLINK 182! It was the best concert ever! Blink 182 was the best act, of course. They were so funny! One time Mark walked back to Travis and said something that no one could hear. When Mark got back to his mic, Tom said, "Mark just gave Travis head everybody!" and Mark said, "Actually, me and Travis were exchanging stories on how YOUR mom gives good head!" Tom then said, "That's true, my mom does give head! Everyone's invited to my place!" I laughed my ass off. Then when they got ready to play All The Small Things, Tom said, "This song is about Mark's dad's penis!" Blink 182 kicks so much ass and so did this concert!!!!!! After Adam Song, me and some friends flashed Blink 182 and they all yelled, "HEY LOOK! BOOBIES!" EVEN TRAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent By: Anddie Castleman

I saw blink 182 on the 17 of augst at the gorge amphitheater in washington. The Bill was Jimmy Eat World then A New Found Glory and then Blink 182. The first two acts were rad (note: A New Found Glory kept on saying "I want to see you go fucking crazy!" which I thought was really lame since there were posters every where from blink 182 requesting that no one mosh or crowd surf.)The band took the stage and rocked, they ended the first song early due to violence but other than that there were no real problems in the set. They played a few songs from the the new album, and then moved on to later stuff. They played the first two songs off thier new album and then started with the first song off of enema of the state and then slowly moved to chesier cat and then back up to more recent song and ended with an incredible drum solo from travis barker, where his drum riser on fire moved foward to the front of the stage and then turned from side to side. The Band then left the stage and returned to play dammit and that was it. Overall incredible show with geat drumming mastery, my only complaint was it felt like it went by to fast.
Sent By: Sam Stabler

I got a chance to see Blink 182 at the Sacramento Valley Amphiatheatre. I got to sit sort of in the back of the first section, right behind the main floor. The concert started a little after six with Fenix TX openned up. They played a few songs just to get the crowd going. After Fenix TX, Sum 41 came out and started jamming. When they started playing, all the audience from the top of the arena (lawn section)started rushing down to the main floor and people just started running everywhere trying to get close to the action. And all the fans were passing other people on top of their hands and pushing them off the section behind me. Then they were passing this guy and when it came to the end of the section and they dropped him. Well he landed on his head and cracked it open. His eyes rolled back and he was shaking. He laid there unconcious. I thought about taking a few pictures but I think it'd be kind of disrespectful. Well Sum41 played a few more songs and they showed the audience the Sum41 sign with their hands. Lift the middle finger from your right hand and throw a four on the other hand. They got the crowd going though.So anyways, after that New Found Glory came out and played four songs. I don't know too much about them though. Just some short chubby guy with green hair was pretty funny by the way he moved. He looked like those little guys from the game "Lemmings." Ok, then it was about 20 minutes for the main event. "Blink 182."They openned up with "The Rock Show." Then Dumpweed. During the first song there were fireworks everywhere and they had the GIANT letters "BLINK" that decorated the stage. Then all of a sudden the world "FUCK" lights on fire right above the word BLINK. After those two songs Mark started talking to the people at the lawn section. He was saying he would bet Tom that there were girls giving their boyfriends hand jobs and then he started singing a song he made up. (About the handjobs.) So they were playing their songs and they ended with the song,"RollerCoaster" And during that song, Travis did his most bad ass solo ever. At first he did the solo to the song, then he started going off a little more and Tom and Mark stopped playing and the only lights were on Travis. As he was jamming, his drum set started moving forward, he was on his own little stage too. As he was doing his solo, the bottom of it lit on fire and it started rotating from side to side. It was freakin' bad ass. Then the song ended and he threw his drum sticks at the fans. That wasn't it though, they came back for their enchore. Mark had a red cape on and Tom had a giant American Flag. Then they played a song, after that song they ended with Dammit. After it was over, Mark came out two times. One time he had some little talking stuffed animal and he put it on the mike. The second time he started playing the drums a little bit. He was just hitting them though. And that concluded the show.
Sent By: Willy Martinez

San Francisco concert at the Warfield Theatre:
The Warfield is pretty small which made the music easier to hear. It was awesome! I was in the standing part but i showed up to late to get right in front but i was still pretty close. No Motiv came on first and played a few songs and Alkaline Trio came on after them. Then Blink came on! It was so cool because the other bands, well their drummer had a set that was right on the stage, but above that was Travis's set because he is so special! Travis was beatiful with his freshly shaven head and Mark and Tom were super funny! After the concert Mark came out numerous times and played around on his guitar. He even came out and played some drums, he was pretty good! Overall it was an awesome concert and i loved it!
Sent by Bridget

Mid State Fair, Paso Robles, CA summer of 2k

Blink 182 were performing w/ Fenix TX, and Bad Religion was supposed to be there but unfortunetally they weren't. Before the concert started my friend and I were walking around and we heard them doing a sound check, along with Fenix. We started spazzing a bit and we tried to look over the gate to see them, but the damn security guards made everyone go away. So then when it actually started we were jumpin up and down when Fenix played, and then when Blink came out everyone started shrieking. Not that we don't like Fenix, we love 'em! But we are extremely big Blink anyways...Everyone was saying that the drummer wasn't Travis, cuz it was when he broke his wrist. I kept saying that it was him, but would anyone listen? nooooooo...and then finally Tom said "Everyone yell Welcome back Travis!" and then I got the honor of giving the people around me, "I told you so" looks. So I was very psyched that Travis was actually there. Me, my friend, and some new-found companions, started chanting "Dammit Dammit"...and finally at the end, they did an onchore (spelling?) and they played "Dammit". I think we pissed Tom off...but it was cool. And then at the very end, Mark was the last to leave the stage...I don't know if I'm right, but Mark looked like he was slightly scared and shocked at the audience's behavior. We all ran up to the stage and were acting like total spaz balls. It was very fun, and I think Mark saw me. hehe...It was a gr8 concert, even if my pictures did'nt show that well....

Sent by Catherine