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Did you meet Travis?!

Hey, yeah I actually got to do what only few people get the chance to do, I got to meet my absolute favorite entertainer in the world. I love Travis and the other Blink guys to death and on June 12 my dream finally came true when I met the guys at their album signing. It was the best day of my life, after waiting on line for oh about 8 hours I finally was standing right in front of the guys. First Mark signed my album, then Tom but I really didn't talk to them. Then it was time for Travis to sign my cd but first I asked him if he could sign something else and being the cool guy that he is he said of course. So I put down a very rare Aquabats flyer that I had. Travis was shocked to see it and asked where I got it and I told him then he looked at it for a minute then he signed my cd. I was wearing a FS&S shirt and before I walked away he told me "cool shirt" and I said thanx and almost died. Travis was the nicest guy in the world and so hot in person. It's definitely a day I won't forget.
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Hey man, i met Travis on August 26, 2001 at a cncert in Jersy. I was fucking around with my binoculars and i spotted him. i jumped the fence and jetted right to him. i hopped over a dozen people and almost took someone out! He signed my lighter and gave me a hug, it was fucking great!
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This kid met Travis.
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This picture was taken this summer at Travis Barker's Famous Stars and Straps warehouse, where I met Travis, his girlfriend Melissa, and Will, I also got to play with one of his dogs. Travis was the nicest guy and I'm going back down to see him soon. AL

Hey you! I met Travis! It was the best day of my life....I was at the Tyler mall in Riverside, where me and Travis both live. I was just walking around, and I peered into Wet Seal and saw his beatiful face talking on a cell phone. I was with my best friend, Jenna. So me and her walked over after he had hung up, and asked him 4 his autograph, actually I was the one who asked him 4 his autograph. ne-waz, he gave one to me and I said bye. That was it. But I got his autograph!! He wrote "T- 182" on it, and a couple stars and hearts. I'm planning on going to his store, Famous Stars and Straps, to meet him again. Maybe this time I will get to touch his sexy body!! hehe
Jamie~Blink's #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!

hey my name is jonathan chiluisa I met travis twice in one day . On June 12, when "Take off Your Pants and Jacket" came out me and my friends went to new york, mainly to get a band to make sure we get to get their autographs. Well, after we stayed online for a few hours we got out bands and had nothing to do til 6:30 at night, so we decided to walk over to the mtv studios and see if we can get on t r l, which we eventually did. So anyway if you didn't get to see it there was a box with 5000 dollars in and the kids had to go and grab as much as they can in 20 seconds. I was one of the kids. I went second and grabbed 198 dollars the first chick grabbed like 20 and the thirds kid grabbed 60 so I rocked them either way. Well, that was the first time I met them that day. Then after we were all done with that we walked back to f y e where they were signing and got their autographs. Well, while I was there travis literally does not talk. I was shaking his hands and saying things and he only gave nods and smiles. Its cool he still so fucking cool. Well, anyway while at the mtv studios i got travis's drumstick and then when I went back to f y e I got him to sign it. I told him that he should sing in like the next album, but who knows what he'll do. well that's my story thanks.